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Tony is a consultant and entrepreneur, focused on the design and implementation of value-creating sustainability strategies. Specialty areas include opportunity identification, consensus building and project management. With 20 years of experience with leading multi-national corporations, the public sector and NGOs, he has consistently demonstrated a flair for getting the job done.
He is currently working with the wine, coffee and entertainment industries, exploring industry collaboration as a tool to address large systemic challenges to sustainable agriculture and resource management. From 2008 to 2010, Tony worked for Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, a dynamic team of business strategists with deep sustainability expertise. In this role, his clients ranged from Walmart to The Nature Conservancy, with a strong focus on responsible sourcing and sustainable merchandising. During this period, the staging of high impact events was frequently used as a strategy to drive momentum and share best practices.
Prior to Blu Skye, Tony worked in the fields of sustainable agriculture, event management and marketing. As a sustainability consultant, he co-created the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative, a transformative sustainable agriculture partnership between the South African Wine Industry and the Conservation Sector. During his 10-year career in event management Tony honed his skills in designing and running high-impact events for diverse stakeholder groups. Most recently, these skills were leveraged through the creation and management of Wal-Mart’s ground-breaking 2008 Beijing Sustainability Summit and the program design for Time Inc’s 2010 Global Forum.
Tony holds undergraduate and post graduate business degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He lives with his family in Healdsburg, California, and has a passion for life, the outdoors, food and wine.



Sarah has a passion for helping visionary leaders navigate points of major transition.  With a diverse background including finance, organizational transformation, corporate strategy, and sustainability, Sarah has a unique ability to find points of alignment and build consensus in even the most challenging situations.  Sarah has experience leading projects at a wide variety of industry-leading clients, including eBay, Walmart, Gap, Genentech, Cisco, Roche, and Barclay's Global Investors.    

Sarah was formerly at Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting where she spent eight years leading engagements to develop public sustainability goals, structure and launch execution teams, design and facilitate multi-stakeholder alignment sessions, and conduct global supply chain analysis.  More recently, she has  been working on ways to increase supply chain transparency and measure sustainability impacts in global retail supply chains.

In her previous role as an Associate Partner at The Trium Group, Sarah specialized in leadership and organizational transformation and continues to work with selected clients on the design and delivery of global leadership development programs. Earlier in her career, Sarah managed over 40 national and global relationships for J.P. Morgan's Institutional and Private Asset Management practice.  Her financial services experience also includes equity research, real estate securities and corporate communications.

Sarah earned her BA from Dartmouth College, studied at Oxford University and the University of Queretaro, Mexico, and completed several months of leadership courses at both Colorado Outward Bound School and NOLS.



Shauna is a consultant with extensive experience in the areas of strategy and management consulting, facilitation, leadership development and communication. She has worked with Fortune 50 corporations, early stage companies, individual executives, industry groups and the governments of developing nations.

Shauna has developed a focus on sustainability standards and supply chain verification, including certified Organic and certified Fair Trade coffee and other socially conscious products. She is considered an expert in Fair Trade Certification, having served as Co-chair of the SCAA’s Fair Trade Task Force, as an importer of Fair Trade and Organic certified coffees with Sustainable Harvest, and as a consultant to FairTrade USA and FLO International. She conducted market feasibility analysis for Fair Trade Certified diamonds; drove the research initiative to evaluate possible expansion of Fair Trade coffee model to include medium-sized farms and estates, and drafted Fair Trade Estate standards.

She has led numerous, complex stakeholder engagement processes, including a stakeholder-generated corporate philanthropy strategy for large, privately held agribusiness. She co-designed and led an initiative with the executive leadership team of the country’s largest home improvement retailer to develop a strategy for environmental and social sustainability. She led strategic analyses and implementation activities for El Salvador’s 1998 National Competitiveness Program in the coffee, handicrafts and honey industries.

Shauna has presented widely on the subject of socially responsible business: at the Dominican Republic’s National Coffee Seminar, at four different US Sustainable Coffee Conferences, and at Yale University, Colombia University, and the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Shauna has a master’s degree in Natural Resource Economics from Yale University, where she studied the economics of sustainable coffee in Costa Rica. She presented her initial findings at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center’s First Sustainable Coffee Congress in 1996.